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The Jerry Cordova Story:

From Funny or Die on HBO.

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This is ART,

Blu-Untitled(LovedU)2 x GodArt from on Vimeo.

I cannot stress it enough, Her Favorite Colour is one of the best mixtapes ever.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I do this in my sleep, oh yeah I get deep.

Elzhi top 5 dead or alive. homage to Dilla at the end.

Am I Blu?

well i'm seven months late on this video. I just love herfavoritecolor it has to go down as my favorite mixtape, it was released last year on valentines day and made me feel better about my love situation. This video just adds to what I loved about the song. enjoy.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I decided to drop my first album at the end of J Dilla month.

Part 3 of 3

Stussy - J Dilla Documentary Prt3 (of 3) from Stussy on Vimeo.

So I watched BeKindRewind tonight..

for the millionth time. Ive watched this movie tons of times and it always puts me in the best mood, its amazing how a movie can influence your mood and your memories. Well I really paid attention to the movie like the details, the colors, the reactions of the characters and what amazed me is everything in the movie is sending off good vibes. I love the way the northeast looks I really wanna experience that life style its amazing. anyways Cadillac Records came on after BeKindRewind and it was cool how mos def was in both movies. I have yet to finish Cadillac Records but so far I know that the white dudes in the 50s totally ripped off black people. Im glad no other race has tried latin music but why would you that fan base is totally concerned about dance not poetry. Michel Gondry stays winning thats why hes my favorite.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Memories made in the coldest winter.

@definitely_nah: the illuminati have spent thousands of years in hiding, only to expose themselves... THROUGH RAP VIDEOS!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

?uesto spinning @ Donuts Are Forever,

im late,

such a great idea, all day on the 7th I read posts saying Happy Birthday J Dilla, Rip Big Pun.

The only two men that can wear sunglasses indoors.


Mos Def: Ecstatic Moments Exhibition.

HVW8 Art & Design Gallery, Union LA & Frolab have come together to present a photo exhibition entitled Mos Def: Ecstatic Moments. Photographer and filmmaker Cognito showcases rare exclusive images captured over the two years Mos Def created his LP “The Ecstatic”. The exhibition is comprised of moments created during both performances across the globe and behind-the-scenes. The show is to last for just one week and will culminate in the production of a book featuring its works. To compliment Ecstatic Moments, there will be a limited edition T-shirt created in collaboration and to be exclusively available at Union LA. The exhibition commences today at the HVW8 Art & Design Gallery.

this freestyle has been getting a lot of hype,

Big Sean - Supa dupa lemonade freestyle.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The Tournament (Black Mozart Beat) - Mos Def

The Tournament
Mos Def spitting over the RZA's Black Mozart beat (I'm assuming the RZA produced this too). This song was intended to be on the Ecstatic but did not make it to the final cut. I feel like Inspectah Deck killed this beat.

Monday, January 25, 2010 is now up!

Finally a source for all things Jay Dee, I just finished reading the biography and it is amazing how great of a person James Yancey was. He was really good at physics and math and used that knowledge to compose his music. its an amazing read check it.

The 1st J Dilla beat I ever heard,

Check out,

In Search Of Stoney Jackson,
Its a great albums S.A.S. over Beat Konducta Productions,

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this should be a post of joy,
Lakers barely lost to the Cavs.

Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

What are you waiting for?

jersey shore is,

a plague of bad fashion.
Lets take these so called guidos as caricatures not people to look up to or imitate.
But hey if you want to imitate them go for it, you'll look soo cool.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crate Diggers Rejoice!

The Rza-rector finally revealed the sample he used on ice cream.
Ive always wondered where it was from because it said it just sampled Method Man's Ice Cream Man demo but now we all know the answer.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Video: K’Naan

Video: K’Naan

cross my heart that I love her.

Jay Electronica Calls On Diddy to perform "Exhibit C" from Mikey Fresh on Vimeo.

Before he was the Mighty Mos Def,

The Cosby Mysteries Intro - Watch today’s top amazing videos here
He was known as Dante Beze on hit show The Cosby Mysteries. Okay I dont think it was a hit but who knew he would be one of the greatest mc's ever to grace the mic? Mos Def is truly a well-rounded artist.
I think this show paid him enough money to take all his homies including Kweli to McD's after a cypher, and thats how Black Star came to be...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hopefully its not true,

I just read on Qtip and ?uestlove's twitter that Teddy Pendergrass passed away..

RIP Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., aka Jay Reatard.

Garage Punk legend was found dead today, my thoughts go out to his family & friends.

Keep Haiti in your prayers.

devastating news,
we all can do our part to help.
Text YELE to 501501,
Donate $5 or as much as you can,
They need all the help they can get.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

and the lakers win!

Happy New Years,
Blu released an untracked LP today and Jay Electronica did not drop Act II, When Blu's LP gets Tracked I will put the link up here.