Sunday, February 28, 2010

So I watched BeKindRewind tonight..

for the millionth time. Ive watched this movie tons of times and it always puts me in the best mood, its amazing how a movie can influence your mood and your memories. Well I really paid attention to the movie like the details, the colors, the reactions of the characters and what amazed me is everything in the movie is sending off good vibes. I love the way the northeast looks I really wanna experience that life style its amazing. anyways Cadillac Records came on after BeKindRewind and it was cool how mos def was in both movies. I have yet to finish Cadillac Records but so far I know that the white dudes in the 50s totally ripped off black people. Im glad no other race has tried latin music but why would you that fan base is totally concerned about dance not poetry. Michel Gondry stays winning thats why hes my favorite.

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