Sunday, April 12, 2009


I missed a great concert today :( and why did I miss it you ask? Because I waited on a girl who stood me up for the millionth time. Never again will I put a girl before my one true love which is MUSIC. I feel horrible and not just heartbroken but I feel stupid for missing a band I probably wont see ever again. I hope shes happy know that I wasted Easter afternoon waiting on her. I had everything ready for her to come so we could have a fun time. We were gonna bake some Easter cookies together then we'd eat them and just hold hands and be in each others presence, but I guess I'm just a wishful thinker because it turned out to just be a wish that would not be granted. I don't wanna sound depressed because I'm the furthest from it but enough is enough. I hate being played by girls because Ive never disrespected a girl in my life and I know how to treat a girl, Ive lived with 2 women my whole life! ( My mother & My sis love you both). Anyways I just wanted to say that above all music will get you through the toughest times and I wish I could have seen Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band. Thanks to my sister for buying me a shirt ( I love it by the way).

Here's who I missed...

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