Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do you like fishsticks?

I'm still laughing cuz of this episode. South Park pays so much attention to detail its crazy like you think the guys who make this show are stupid but they are fkn modern day geniuses (like Kanye). This episode had me laughing so hard even though the fish sticks joke wasnt funny at all. They had Kanye dressed up how he dresses in real life and had his whole crew dressed up the same as that photo they posed for during Paris fashion week. They had Taz in his tights mad funny ( dont get me wrong I support Taz with his tights its fresh). Kanye kills Mencia how great is that? Mencia is a madd joke jacker so I didn't mind them killing him. The song at the ending is pretty funny its heartless but with the gay fish theme.

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