Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SMH of the day.

I was leaving confirmation class last Saturday and that's when this van was driving in front of me. I seriously don't think its funny when people use racist stereotypes for a joke that won't even be funny. I'm sure most of my city would be outraged if this truck had a guy dressed up like a Mexican stereotype and the guy with the plunger had a border patrol outfit on. Just because the media makes all Muslims look evil doesn't mean they are. Muslims are very peaceful people and they have nothing to do with the Taliban and/or Al Queda in fact they are against those extremist groups just as much as us. Christians have allot of extremist groups on this planet but they never show them on television. Watch Jesus Camp just because they label themselves as Christians doesn't mean all Christians are crazy. Personally I'm a Catholic and I believe in Christ but I don't believe in the views of the crazy evangelists. I'm just sayin, we need to get rid of this racism altogether and only we can change.

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